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    Mouth music: Talitha MacKenzie
    sábado, 30 de enero de 2010
    Mouth music: Talitha MacKenzie

    Talitha MacKenzie, a native of New York, has been singing all her life. Whistling and humming tunes from the age of six months, her first public performance was at a family wedding, a week before her third birthday. She began studying classical piano at the age of four and by thirteen she already had music students of her own.

    Growing up in multicultural New York, she became enthralled with traditional singing from all over the world. Having first heard Gaelic song at the age of seven, she was in her teens when she began to collect field recordings of old-style traditional singing. With nothing but a Teach Yourself Gaelic textbook, she began the arduous task of learning the language, so that she could perform songs that she loved. At the same time, she was studying French and Russian at school and consuming Slavic and Impressionist piano music by the book.

    First enrolling as a student of Russian at Connecticut College, she transferred and then graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music, her degree in Music History/Ethnomusicology. It was here that she led the Eastern European Music Ensemble and sang in the Conservatory Choir, performing with the Boston Symphony Orchestra (under conductors Seiji Ozawa, Colin Davis and Claudio Abbado). Her first job after graduation was team-teaching a course in Music & Dance at Harvard University.

    Between college and conservatory, a job at World Tone Music (on Manhattan's 7th Avenue) placed Talitha at the centre of the International Folk Dance Scene, where she was inundated with exotic modes and unusual rhythms. She also became involved in a number of specialist dance ensembles (including Renaissance/Baroque, Balkan and Celtic). This, along with her work as shantyman and deckhand on Tall Ships, gave her a unique insight into the organic rhythms of movement-related music.

    By the mid-1980's she had recorded an album with Boston-Irish group ST. JAMES GATE and her first solo album, SHANTYMAN!. After several years of touring solo across America and performing mouth music with Scottish dancebands, Talitha moved to Scotland in 1987, where she performed with the Scottish Folk Ensemble Drumalban.

    In 1988, she co-founded the duo Mouth Music, whose groundbreaking eponymous album (featuring contemporary World Music arrangements of traditional Gaelic songs) topped charts in Music Week and Billboard, receiving international critical acclaim. While her music partner left to pursue other projects (still using the name Mouth Music), Talitha continued the original Mouth Music project under her own name, releasing a second solo album, SÒLAS (solace), in 1993.

    In 1995, a role in the Gaelic play, REITEACH, took her on tour throughout Scotland. Later that year, she signed a contract with Shanachie Entertainment Corp., recording her third solo album, SPIORAD (spirit), in France, with producer Chris Birkett (whose credits include Sinéad O' Connor, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Alison Moyet).

    Talitha has spent much of the past ten years composing, teaching and directing the a cappella Women's Group Sedenka, who have performed at the Edinburgh Peace Festival, the International Festival of the Sea and the Thames Festival (London), among many other venues.

    Having worked in Hollywood (where she sang with Dessislava Stefanova, director of the London Bulgarian Choir) on the soundtrack of the blockbuster film TROY), Talitha has invested her earnings in setting up her own label, SONAS Multimedia, and recently released her fourth solo album INDIAN SUMMER. She will be returning to work on her next recording project, GLOBAL SEQUENCE, later this year.

    Triple Earth terra 109

    Traditional Gaelic songs performed and arranged by the duo Mouth Music (Talitha MacKenzie & Martin Swan); featuring Martyn Bennett; produced by Chic Medley.

    01. Bratach bana (White banners)
    02. Co ni mire rium? (Who will have fun with me?)
    03. Mor a'cheannaich
    04. Martin Martin
    05. Chi mi na morbheanna (I see the great mountains)
    06. I bhi a da
    07. Seinn o! (Sing!)
    08. Mile marbh'aisg air a' ghaol (A thousand death shrouds on love)
    09. Air fail a lail O (Falalalo)
    10. Fraoch a Ronaigh (Heather of Rona)

    Sòlas (Solace) - 1993
    Riberboat Records TUG 1007

    Traditional and original gaelic songs performed by Talitha MacKenzie; arranged and produced by Talitha MacKenzie, Iain McKinna, and Chris Birkett.

    01-Hoireann o-Waulking song
    02-Sheatadh cailleach-The old woman's reel-Mouth music
    03-'s muladach mi 's mi air m'aineoil-Mournful am i-Waulking song
    04-E ho hi-Waulking song
    05-Seinn o-Sing!-Mouth music
    06-Uamh an oir-The cave of gold-Mouth music
    07-Owen's boat-O seallaibh curaigh eoghainn-Mouth music
    08-Chi mi na morbheanna-JFK-Mist-covered mountains
    09-Rol hol ill leo-Waulking song - Sea shanty
    10-Funky bird medley-Bann de ribinnean-Dannsa nan tunnagan-Band of ribbons-Dance of the ducks-Mouth music
    11-Theid mi dhachaigh-The MacKenzie lullabye

    Spiorad (Spirit) - 1996
    Shanachie 78003

    Traditional and original Celtic and Slavic music, performed by Talitha MacKenzie; arranged by Talitha MacKenzie and Chris Birkett; produced by Chris Birkett.

    01-Fill iù o
    02-3 things
    05-Fear a' bhàta
    06-Ajde jano
    07-Saor an t-sàbhaidh
    11-Fhleasgaich òig

    Indian Summer - 2007
    SONAS Multimedia 006

    Talitha MacKenzie’s long-awaited new album is a celebration of the connection between Celtic and American cultures through the eyes of an artist whose family history is reflected in both. From Native-American roots to Folk Rock with overtones of Americana, this collage of styles and colours is sure to lift your spirits.

    Featuring Rhiannon Giddens (Carolina Chocolate Drops) on vocals, fiddle, banjo and flat-footin'.

    03-Family tree
    04-Eilean fada
    05-Indian summer
    06-Wheeling Island girls
    07-Land of the setting Sun
    08-Unelanvhi Uwetsi
    09-Wind chases the Sun
    10-Go so far

    Todo los links propios en mp3, 192. Incluyen booklets, salvo "Mouth music" (no booklet). La info de la web de Talitha.


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